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Outdoor Audio and Video

Entertain Anywhere

With Episode, your music doesn’t stop at the back door. Simply install landscape speakers around your pool, deck, or patio, and you can enjoy your favorite tunes anywhere. With SunBriteTVs, you get a true outdoor television that delivers a quality picture in the toughest environments.

Episode Outdoor Audio

From speakers to subwoofers, Episode has everything you need to turn your outdoor space into an outdoor oasis.

Episode® Outdoor Audio


If you haven’t heard the name “Episode” before, it’s because we design professional products that can only be installed by certified dealers. This ensures that you get premium sound tailor-made to fit your space.

So although you may not have heard of us, we can guarantee your dealer has, and odds are he loves us, and so will you.


Mother Nature can be brutal, which is why our products are constructed with durable materials, able to stand up to the harshest elements. From summer thunderstorms to winter snowfalls, your Episode system is built to last.


Don’t let hot spots ruin your listening experience. Thanks to wide dispersion angles and individual volume settings, you’ll get even coverage across the entire space, without disturbing the neighbors.

SunBrite TV®


Since our launch in 2004, we’ve dedicated our time to producing TVs that deliver a safe, outdoor, and worry-free entertainment experience. More than a decade later, and SunBriteTVs can be found across the county, including Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field, and more.


When we say “all-weather,” we mean it. Thanks to precise construction, SunBriteTVs provide great picture in rain, extreme temperatures, and direct sunlight. You can’t say the same for regular TVs.

Plus, three distinct models ranging from fullshade to full-sun applications allow for complete customization. So from patio to poolside, there’s a SunBriteTV to match.


If you think you can save money by installing an indoor TV outside, think again. Just look at the many reasons why a SunBriteTV is the only choice for outdoor video.

Why you shouldn’t install an indoor TV anywhere outside (even on your porch)


Open the first page of any TV manual, and you’ll see a section warning you about the dangers of putting an indoor TV outside. Besides the risk of electrocution, one small short, and your cheap TV can cause some pretty expensive damage.


If you think that indoor TV is safe under your patio, think again. Humidity, dust, and sunlight can all compromise the inner workings of your device.


No one wants to watch a picture with obtrusive glare or black spots, but that’s what you’ll be faced with when your TV isn’t equipped for the outdoors.

Warranty Issues

It’s simple: If you install an indoor TV outside, you’re voiding the warranty. So if your picture goes out on the very first day, you’re out of luck (and some serious cash).

Compromised Devices

A TV shock or short due to moisture can cause damage to other connected devices, which means more equipment you may have to replace.


Don’t bother rolling out and setting up a TV every time you want to be outside. With SunBriteTV's, they're installed once, and last for years.