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New Construction Wiring

Building a new home is exciting.
You pour all of your dreams and visions into the plans and create it from the ground up.   
You visit model homes, look through magazines and visit idea sights like Pinterest or Houzz
You've seen the beautiful rooms with HDTV’s hanging on the wall with no unsightly wires visible. 

To accomplish this, you need to plan ahead, and unfortunately, most contractors, and even electricians, are not able to stay on top of the ever changing landscape of technology the way we do. AAAV is a licensed Technology Systems Contractor and we do the wiring that electricians do not specialize in
and do not like to do.

Types of New Construction Wiring

We specialize in installing:

  1. Ethernet Wiring: This is the wiring that runs your home network and many of your home entertainment components.  Did you know having strategically placed hard wires will make your WiFi work better in your new home?
  2. Coaxial Wiring: This is the traditional cable that runs your TV service, including Cable, Satellite and HD Over the Air reception.
  3. Speaker Wiring: This is the wire that allows you to have music playing throughout your home.
  4. Security Wiring:  This is the wiring that runs various sensors in your home and allows them to connect to a security system that keeps your home safe and sound.
  5. Home Automation and Control Wiring:  This is the wiring that allows your control equipment to be hidden but easily accessed from any room.
  6. HDMI and Video Wiring:  This wiring is run from your equipment to your TV area. It is able to carry 4K all digital signal.
  7. Various other Wiring: We have done some fun things like Karaoke Machines, Golf Simulators and small music studios. All of these require additional types of wiring.

New Construction Wiring Design

A properly created wiring plan really comes down to knowing what you want
now and also what you may want to do in the future.   We will sit down with you to
learn the layout of your new home, but more importantly, to get to know how
you envision yourself using the space.  Where do you imagine watching TV?
What type of entertaining do you do?  Do you like to have music in the
background at your home?   These are just a few of the areas we consider with

What’s our Next Step

The next step is to schedule an In-Home Consultation when we can view your
plans or even visit your property site.  This is when we will find out more about
your dream home so we can design a wiring system that meets your needs.

We look forward to talking to you.